Iridology and Holistic Health Courses for Health Professionals

Intro to Iridology 5-day Mini-Course

This brief, sampler class, is designed to introduce you to iridology and let you experience how I teach.

You will learn the basics of the history of iridology and the three basic constitutions of iridology (blue eyes, brown eyes, mixed eyes), and so much more in just 30-minutes per lesson over the 5 lessons.

Tuition is only $37.00 CAN

Dynamic Iridology Assessment System for Health Professionals

The next start date for Dynamic Iridology is Aug 11, 2022.

This course is open to health professionals (herbalists, nutrition coaches, NDs, RNs, MDs) who

  • have a strong foundation in anatomy & physiology
  • want to learn iridology at a deep level
  • want to practice using iridology to guide their intake process
  • want to use iridology to speed up the protocol creation process

The course is 20 lessons x 2 1/4-hours. It includes all of the curriculum to satisfy the IIPA level 1 and level 2 requirements (collectively called the Core Curriculum).

We meet once each in a live webinar.
Additional group mentoring is included as my gift to you twice each month.
Because of the quantity and depth of information in this course, I want to speak with you prior to enrollment to ensure this course is a good fit for you.

Body Systems Iridology & Herbology

This course is open only to graduates of the Dynamic Iridology Assessment System for Health Professionals and IIPA certified iridologists.


In Body Systems Iridology & Herbology, you will learn more about how iris markings interact with each other, which markings are more likely to be seen in which conditions, and dietary & herbal recommendations.


This course is offered approximately once each year. The next session is scehduled for Spring 2023.

Women's Holistic Health

As holistic practitioners, we may be faced with helping our female clients with symptoms from puberty, through the child-bearing years, through menopause and beyond.


When our clients implement  what we teach them about nutrition and supplements specifice to these ages and stages we empower them to take control of their health and earn positive longterm health results.


This course is designed for holistic practitioners who have a solid foundation in anatomy & physiology.

Some knowledge of nutrition is also helpful.

IIPA Level 3 Iridology 

In this program we study emotional iridology (Rayid), pupil shape, more sclera signs, and much more.


This course is open to all graduates of the Dynamic Iridology Assessment System and IIPA certified iridologists.


This course will follow the prescribed IIPA Level 3 curriculum which is challenging, and as this is the first time this course is being offered, it may take 24 - 40 hours to complete.


We will meet once each week for two hours, for a minimum of 12 classes, and possibly up to 20 classes to cover the curriculum and mentoring needed to prepare you for the IIPA Level 3 certification exam.