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If You're a Health Professional Who  Wants To Learn Iridology You’ve Come To The Right Place.

Taking Iridology Photos
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rave reviews from my students


"I wanted the latest info from an experienced practitioner that has used iridology in nutritional practice for a long time. Having my classroom at home allowed me to have all my charts and books by my side made it easier. And having an awesome sharing and caring teacher made it the best. Judith helped me better my nutritional iridology practice. I recommend her courses to everyone."

Michelle Davies

Certified Comprehensive Iridologist


"I was looking for an interactive learning platform with an experienced teacher and practitioner. You said the fundamentals of iridology could be learned in this format - and that's what was delivered PLUS a lot more on how to integrate it directly into current practice. I'm very happy with the training. Thank you!"

Mike Knapp

Dynamic Iridology Graduate
Naturopathic Physician


"Learning Iridology with Judith Cobb has helped me to understand, in depth, the relationshiop between different organs and organ systems. Iridology also gives me an advantage of seeing the potential for different genetic traits which helps me extrapolate how the person's body will likely respond to applications of healing methods. It has helped me increase my efficiency in providing more precise recommendations."

Karyn Choate

Certified Comprehensive Iridologist

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