Course FAQ

The course is 20 lessons long, with one two-hour lesson occurring each week.

I suggest setting aside 4 - 6 hours each week - 2 hours for the class and 2 - 4 hours to study and practice.

No. The course contains all the curriculum you need to prepare for certification. To certify with IIPA, there is a 3 part exam process. I provide and mentor you for 2 of the exams. The third exam is administered by IIPA, for a fee, which you are required to pay. You will also need a student membership with IIPA and proof of successful completion of a college-level anatomy and physiology course.

No, not in most areas of the world.

My tuition is higher because of the amount of hands-on time I spend mentoring my students when they are in the course, after they complete the course, and for the long term. Some of my students continue to come to mentoring sessions for years after completing the course work because they love the community we have created.


Class cohorts are kept to 10 students or less to enhance the quality of your education.

You will have access to your class recordings for 13 months after your last class (18 months from your first class), and then you will be given access to the alumni site where you will continue to have access to all of the pre-recorded material for years to come.

The classes are taught by live, interactive webinar. Each live class is recorded. Each student in that class has access to his/her class recordings.

You can catch up by watching the recording on your student portal. In fact, rewatching the recordings is a great way to review the material.

I do not have scholarships. I do not offer discounts. I do offer payment plans that enable you to spread payments out on a regular schedule while completing your payments before your classes end.


If you want a lower tuition you may be interested in the pre-recorded, do it on your own version of the course that offers no support beyond the recordings and downloadables.

  • 20 x 2-hour classes delivered by live webinar, one class per week
  • Access to recordings of your classes for 18 months from your first class date
  • A digital, downloadable, 200+ full-color textbook that is kept up-to-date with the latest curriculum information
  • 45-pages of ‘cheat sheets’ (charts and tables of the curriculum)
  • Office Hours webinars for mentoring support
  • Social media group (currently on Facebook) for between-class conversation and support
  • Mentoring for certification for 10 months past your final class date
  • Business mentoring

Our Office Hours sessions are live webinars to which students and graduates may bring questions or cases to discuss. We also have a private social media group (currently on Facebook) for students and grads to post questions and iris images they’d like to discuss.

I offer full mentoring support, as a part of your tuition, for 10 months from your final class. Should you decide to complete the certification requirements at a later date, a mentoring package can be purchased.