What is Dynamic Iridology?

Dynamic Iridology is a very practical style of iridology that originated with Judith Cobb.


It is based on the principles and teachings of Constitutional (German) Iridology, incorporates ongoing research and new discoveries, pupil tonus and shape, and integrates foundational concepts of nutrition, herbology, and aromatherapy, and her 40+ years of clinical experience.

Dynamic Iridology uses a simplified map - one that removes zones for body parts that do not affect day-to-day metabolism. Rather than subdividing body regions and organs into tiny pieces for which we do not have isolated therapies available we focus on organs and glands that impact how the body works.


To receive a download link for the Dynamic Iridology Map, click here


By using an uncluttered map, we are able to:

  • Reduce the likelihood of an inaccurate assessment thus avoiding confusion

  • Reduce the time it takes to complete a relevant iris assessment

  • Not get bogged down or sidetracked by irrelevant details

  • Focus on uncovering inherent predispositions and their connections to one another

  • Create programs that are simpler and more targeted to increase client compliance, success, and retention

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