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Do you do client-program development outside of your paid client time like so many nutritionists, herbalists, and naturopaths do? We do it because we want to give our clients the very best care, andthat’s how we were taught to do it, right? I call this working unpaid overtime.

Instead, learning iridology can enhance your wellness coaching practice by:

1) putting an end to the ‘unpaid overtime’ you put in creating client programs
2) helping you create laser-focused programs right in your client sessions
3) guiding you in creating do-able programs that your clients can actually stick to
4) helping your clients find the kind of success that makes them want to keep working with you
5) and by turning your clients into raving fans who can’t stop telling their friends about you

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Nutritionists, Herbalists, & Naturopaths: Understanding Constitutional Iridology and how to apply it in a health coaching/clinical setting saves me hours creating individual programs for my clients. Actually, it enables me to get my program development done right in my paid client sessions. When I figured out how to do this it totally changed my life as a wellness coach. 

Learn 4 critical steps to help you stop working overtime creating nutrition or herbal programs for your clients by using Wholistic Iridology to create programs right in your sessions that your clients can easily stick to get results and keep them coming back for more.

Wholistic Iridology can tell us much about a client’s inherent (and sometimes earned) health risks.

Join me to learn more about how to use Wholistic Iridology in your wellness coaching business.

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Judith Cobb is a Master Herbalist, Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner, Certified Comprehensive Iridology Instructor with nearly 40 years of clinical experience and nearly 40 years of experience mentoring and teaching holistic practitioners.

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It took me nearly 10 years to realize that what I thought was ‘excellent client care’, doing things the way I had been taught in all of my nutrition and herbal training, was actually hurting my clients and my business. I was overwhelming my clients and they weren’t becoming long term repeat clients. I was hindering their wellness journey and feeling frustrated with constantly having to find so many new clients all the time.  Yikes!

Then I figured out how to use Constitutional/Wholistic Iridology to help me create client protocols right in my client sessions – no more unpaid homework for me! Because I was lasering in on the baby steps my client needed to do right now, they were not getting overwhelmed; they were seeing massive success and kept coming back to let me coach them. Many of those clients are still with me nearly 30 years later!

Join me for this free webinar to learn a bit about iridology and how you can use it in your wellness practice to eliminate your unpaid overtime, get better client compliance, and create long term repeat clients.

In case you don’t know anything about iridology I’ll take you through a couple of iris analyses to show you how it can work for you in your business.

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Iridology Courses & Education

I love teaching iridology education courses. Learning how to assess irises to learn about a person’s health is a useful skill all holistic health coaches can use. It’s also something that many non-coaches find interesting. Iris assessment reveals where a body’s inborn strengths and weaknesses are. Iris assessment does not give disease names (diagnosing). It does not tell us what therapies to used (prescribing). Iridology teaches us what questions to ask to get the answers we need. A well-trained iridologist can do a basic assessment from two feet away. He or she can then suggest basic diet changes. The closer he or she can get, the easier it is to see iris detail. More detail means more focused information and more accurate suggestions.

Lymphatic Iris
Left Iris, Lymphatic, Connective Tissue Type, Central Heterochromia, Lymphatic Tophi,

I love teaching iridology integrated with herbology and nutrition to practitioners and non-practitioners. The internet has turned the world into my classroom. The internet brings Iridology courses within everyone’s reach. The expense of travel is no longer an issue. Iridology is a very visual topic. Learning iridology online is very effective. Being able to see exactly what I am teaching, while I am teaching it adds clarity to the concepts. It also allows questions to surface, be asked, and answered. Now, when I teach, the students are often spread over several time zones.

Instructor: Judith Cobb

Judith Cobb, CCII, MH, NNCP
Judith Cobb, CCII, MH, NNCP

My name is Judith Cobb. I was raised in a family that was very ‘medical model’. For some reason I felt a distinct pull towards more natural approaches to health while I was still in my teens. I started studying nutrition and herbology first. In 1980 I had the opportunity to begin learning iridology.

My first iridology teacher was a first generation Bernard Jensen student. She had studied with Dr. Jensen at least three times. I was privileged to work in her office for eight months, learning by observing and asking questions. I hung onto my mentor’s every word, lapped it up, and wanted more. In 1981 I started my own clinical practice in holistic wellness. I used iridology assessments, educated about herbal supplements, and coached people on their nutrition and lifestyle. The goal has always been to help them take control of their health.

stress predisposition
Hematogenic Iris, Anxiety Tetanic, Mild Lipemic Diathesis

Over the years I have studied many styles of iridology. I have had eight different teachers. I have watched this science evolve, as it continues to even now.  I’m still adding more holistic health credentials to my skill set.

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