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New nutritionists (and some who've been at it for a few years) often face some very real challenges.  

Are you struggling with any of these?

1) The business training you got in school was more about finding an office space, designing a logo, and balancing a checkbook than it was about attracting and keeping clients.

2) The clinical training you went through taught you to use lengthy questionnaires (which your clients hate - I know, I've asked them!) but didn't teach you how to break your clients'problems into smaller issues to prioritize them.

3) You are spending two or three or four hours of your own time, for each paid client hour, creating custom programs/reports for your clients. Your fees don't reflect all the extra time you spend on your clients' behalf. 

4) Your clients usually come in for the first and second appointment - then disappear. (Do you know why?)

5) You don't have a fast and accurate way to assess your clients' health status.

If this is you, how's your confidence? How's your cash flow? Are you maybe, just maybe, thinking about getting a 'real job'?

What if there was a way to gather all the information you need without wasting tons of time and paper?

What if you could create deep and meaningful rapport with your clients almost immediately making them feel truly 'heard'?

What if you could design a specific, individualized, prioritized program for each client within the appointment time and leave them eager to come back for more? 

Iridology does all of that and more. It's easy to use, provides valuable insight and rapport building, and can make the difference between you succeeding as a nutritionist or giving up!

Who am I and how can I help you?

I'm Judith Cobb. I've been where you are - frustrated, spending way more time on each client than I was being paid for, and contemplating getting a job in a healthfood store. Back then, there were no mentors, no one to clue me in to what I was doing that wasn't working.

 I don't want to see you struggle one more day. I don't want you to give up on being a nutritionist. There are so many people you are meant to help and so much good you can do. Learning how to use iridology integrated with what you already know about nutrition and/or herbology will empower you beyond belief.

I'm a Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner, Master Herbalist, and Certified Comprehensive Iridology Instructor among other things. I've been a Wellness Coach and Practitioner since 1981. 

I've 'been there and done that' for every mistake that can be made in a holistic nutrition business and I can help you avoid those mistakes, save you time, money and frustration as you create the success you want and deserve.

Join me for a free live webinar to learn about using iridology in your practice. See how it could solve the challenges you're facing. Just click on an blue button to register for the time that works best for you.