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Stress Fracture Iridology Signs, Blue Eyes

stress fracture iridology signsThis article is posted to help in your study of stress fracture iridology signs in a blue (lymphatic) iris. We’re diving deep in this article – so if you think this information sounds familiar, you may have read parts of it previously in the basic article. Keep reading if you want to get to the really juicy stuff!

by Judith G. Cobb, MH, CI, NCP

Blue eyes – they can be vibrant blue, grey blue, violet, green blue, or cloudy blue. Today’s case is that of a teen-aged competitive dancer who has cloudy blue eyes.

Common Features of a Blue (Lymphatic) Iris

Blue eyes suggest a constitutional acid imbalance throughout the body. If the diet and elimination allow acid to build up, there is a greater predisposition to pain and inflammation. If there is also yellow (which points to kidney insufficiency), this increases the risk of acid imbalance.

stress fracture iridology signs

In truth, there is not an actual ‘stress fracture’ indicator. However, the body predisposition of the cloudy blue iris (with yellow touches in it) to be over-acid is significant. In this case, the body will use all available calcium to neutralize the excess acid. The elevated acid can also draw calcium from the bones. Dancers, like all athletes, generate even more acid when they are working out. This creates an even bigger calcium draw, which can weaken the bones and retard healing.

As always, getting nitty-gritty details about eating habits, fluid intake, stress, rest, relaxation, recreation, supplements, and medications is vitally necessary.

Case Background – Iris Assessment of a Young Athlete

Gender: Female
Age: 14
Weight: 120 lbs
Occupation: competitive dancer

Main concerns: stress fracture, constant fatigue

Details: This young client suffered a stress fracture six weeks prior to our first meeting. She also reported feeling chronically tired. She had recently had a sore throat for which she had taken antibiotics.

Her mother requested my help with nutrition for sport, supporting the healing of the stress fracture, and adrenal gland health.

Rx: Birth control pill for acne control, ventolin (infrequently) for asthma, advil over the counter for headaches (at least once a month)

stress fracture iridology signs
stress fracture iridology signs
Iris signQuestions to askDietary/lifestyle suggestions
Lymphatic irisAny history of inflammation, pain? Asthma, allergies, arthritis, skin problems, kidney symptoms?*eat abundant amounts of leafy greens
*low-acid-forming diet
Dark central zone (central heterochromia)
Digestive complaints (stomach, small intestines)?*include savory herbs in food prep to support digestion
Pale yellow cloudingHistory of kidney issues?*eat abundant amounts of leafy greens
*low-acid-forming diet
*drink optimal amounts of clean water
Very wavy fibers (connective tissue type)History of sprains, strains, tears in soft tissue, or bone breaks of any description?*get optimal amounts of protein
*include savory herbs in food prep to support digestion
Defined border (scurf rim)History of skin issues - eczema, psoriasis, acne, rashes?* dry skin brush daily
* generate sweat daily
Orange cloudingAny history of pancreas issues? Blood sugar stability, energy levels?* Avoid refined sugars
* Have play time every day
Bright orange pigment (30’ R iris)Any history of pancreas issues? Blood sugar stability, energy levels? Gall bladder?* protein intake
* healthy fats
Wrinkles in iris (contraction furrows)How/where does she feel stress? Perfectionist? To-do lists? Worrier?* Daily physical activity including meditative activities like yoga, tai chi
* Do a ‘brain-dump’ list every night before retiring to keep the mind from obsessing about tomorrow

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