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Skin Conditions, Acne Iridology Signs, Hazel Eyes

This article is posted to help in your study of skin conditions, acne iridology signs in a biliary iris.

by Judith G. Cobb, MH, CI, NCP

Skin Conditions, Acne Iridology Signs

Hazel eyes, also known in iridology lingo as mixed or biliary irides, often express a predisposition to liver imbalance. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the liver is quite capable of generating a wide variety of seemingly unrelated symptoms. Sometimes this will be described as ‘malaise’.

The most common feature of the hazel or mixed iris is a concentration of orange, brown, or rust color hugging the pupil, known as a central heterochromia – exactly as we see in this set of irides.

Skin Conditions, Acne Iridology Signs

Case Background

Gender: female
Age: 29
Weight: 136 lbs

Dr. prescriptions: Retinol A for acne
Dr. diagnosis: low normal thyroid, no Rx prescribed

Main concerns: extremely dry lips; patches of dry skin on back of arms; acne; very tired; night sweats; very emotional

Details: typically has 2-3 bowel movements per day; physically active

Skin Conditions, Acne Iridology Signs
Skin Conditions, Acne Iridology Signs






iris signquestions to askdietary/lifestyle suggestions
strong central heterochromia, rusty color- ask about digestion - burping, belching, bloating, flatulence
- ask about history of anemia
- ask about energy cycles in 24 hours
- add probiotics
- sequence foods - start with carbs, then low carb, then protein
- chew food well
- limit fluid with meals to 125 mL
- eliminate coffee, tea, green tea
- avoid gluten grains
- cut out refined sugar, try xylitol
tight collarette- ask about bowel habits- adequate fluid (½ oz water for each 1 lb of body weight)
- physical activity
contractions furrows- ask about resiliency under pressure
- ask about sleep patterns
- ask about mood in general - does she generally feel stressed when none exists, does she generally feel happy or just so-so or blue?
- add hemp hearts
- 5-6 small servings of protein from a variety of sources each day
- walk in sunshine at noon
- add ‘clean’ electrolyte supplement for workouts longer than 60 minutes
topo labile pigment, L iris, 26’
topo stabile picment, L iris 40’
- color suggests liver influence on kidney 26’ and liver 40’
- ask about digestion of fats, how she feels after eating a fatty meal, and discomfort in kidney region
- include celery, parsley, beets
topo stabile pigment R iris, 40’- ask about gall bladder
tophi - abundant in zone 5 & 6, discolored- hydrogenoid subtype
- ask about immune function, lymphatics
- continued physical activity
strong scurf rim especially on lateral aspects- ask about skin, history of problems?- wear natural fiber clothes
- use natural skin cleansers
- use all natural, preferably organic, lotions
- dry skin buffing or brushing

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