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Infertility Iridology Signs, Blue Eyes

This article is posted to help in your study of infertility iridology signs in a blue iris.

by Judith G. Cobb, MH, CI, NCP

Studying infertility iridology signs

Are there signs in the iris that show why a woman has fertility issues? Well, in a word, maybe. Iridology is never used to diagnose or prescribe. It does show us where ‘weak links’ are. When we know where the ‘weak links’ are we may be able to work with diet to correct imbalances, and that may reduce the impact of the ‘weak links’.  

Case Backgroundinfertility iridology signs

Gender: Female
Age: 27
Weight: 220 lbs
Height: 5’8”

Dr. prescriptions: none
Dr. diagnosis: subfertile

Main concerns: wants to get pregnant

Details: had one miscarriage a few years prior, frequent urinary tract infections, prone to yeast infections, craves sweets and eats fruit to satisfy cravings

Questions to ask her medical doctor: Could PCOS be the problem?

infertility iridology signs
infertility iridology signs






iris signquestions to askdietary/lifestyle suggestions
Lymphatic genotype- ask about sinuses, mucus, skin- eliminate dairy, most grains, all citrus
Dark pupillary zone- ask about digestion, burping, passing gas, heavy feeling in stomach after eating, foods that ‘don’t work well’ for her- cut out black tea, green tea, white tea
- add herbs to food that support digestion (ginger, dill, sage)
- suggest food combining or food sequencing
Small dark lacuna (crypts) attached to inside of collarette- ask about bowels, any history of diverticuli- suggest high fiber, especially yellow and orange vegetables (e.g. squash)
- suggest abdominal massage daily
Tophi and tophi smudging (right iris: 10’-20’, 40’-50’; left iris 40’-50’)- ask about immune system- daily physical activity
Collarette is thickened in many places, lots of activity just outside the collarette 57’-3’ both irises)- ask about hormonal balance, including thyroid and ovaries- ensure superior mineral intake
- never boil vegetables, only steam, bake, grill or roast
Shading left iris 30’-35’, right iris 25’-30’- ask about kidney health, low back ache
- ask about chronic fears
- encourage water intake (½ oz/lb of body weight)
- include celery and parsley in diet. Stop high parsley intake when actively trying to conceive
Left iris 35’, right iris 35’ (just next to the shaded areas mentioned above); Left iris – cord with a tiny shaded close lacuna; right iris shows heavier acid- ask about vaginal and cervical health

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