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Iridology Webinar Testimonials

Iridology Webinar Testimonials:

Hello Judith,
Thank you for the webinar on iridology the other evening. It was most interesting and informative and I would love to  take your class next week as the price is right.
Thanks again,
Denise D.


Thank you so much for providing this webinar, I really enjoyed it. The course described me to a T! I love Iridology, and was super excited to take the course offered through Natures Sunshine and I also took a course from Jackie Latimer. Loved the courses, I guess I just didn’t realize that I would be offering advice on supplements. I started reading eyes for people but am very uncomfortable suggesting herbs to people since I really don’t have any knowledge on the different supplements that are available. Since I am not trained in herbology I was afraid to suggest different supplements in case they had an adverse effect with any other medications that they are taking. This course made me feel that I am not alone in feeling lost.

Sandy L.


WOW! That Iridology webinar was amazing. I’ve heard the expression “eyes are the window to the soul” but never realized how true that is. I’m definitely going to take your next Confident Healer course.

Rebecca P.

8 thoughts on “Iridology Webinar Testimonials”

    1. Hello Catherine,

      Thanks for reaching out.

      The Practitioner Course, which is being revamped somewhat and also renamed to Master Healer Course, begins in September. The exact date has not been set yet. We will meet 3 times per month via webinar for classes, and there is an optional 1 webinar session per month that is a tutorial. The number of actual class sessions is determined by the number of students in the class as there are 2 required projects that are done as presentations – so more students means more time needed. Typically, we have 20 – 24 class sessions plus tutorials.

      There are some prerequisites for the course. All students must either be graduates of my Confident Healer course, or they must be IIPA certified iridologists with a strong background in holistic nutrition and herbology. Certificates proving course work in these areas is required at time of registration.

      The Master Healer Course takes the foundation of constitutional iridology, herbology, and holistic nutrition and builds on it with color therapy, EFT, some German New Medicine, BioKinesiology (aka muscle testing) and advanced principles in iridology, children’s health, fertility, pregnancy, lactation, sport nutrition, business management, and record keeping. The goal of the program is to provide students, like you, with a solid foundation and the confidence needed to run a successful holistic wellness practice.

      Registration will be open in July. Please feel free to post more questions or to phone me for more info.

      Thanks again!

      1. HI Catherine,
        Here’s an update. I have revamped my Confident Healer iridology class to be compliant with the International Iridology Practitioner Association curriculum with the addition of herbology and nutrition. This course will now prepare you to take the IIPA certification exam if you so choose. The course (not the certification exam) will be a prerequisite for the Healing Mastery Course.

        As for the Healing Mastery Course (formerly called Practitioner Class) – it will be revamped to take into consideration that all participants have completed Confident Healer, and will go deeper into special topics (fertility, pregnancy, menopause, aging, sport nutrition) and will also look more deeply at everything we covered in Confident Healer. I will open registration in July once Confident Healer is well under way.

  1. This is Audrey Barnes . My 1st course was in Jan 1981 I have had courses with Jensen, Jack Richie on (he is 2n level above me in NSP now- Dr. Eugene Watkins -died last year , sclerology with folks from Las Vegas – can’t remember his name but the course was in Burlington -2 mons after Allan’s ALS diagnosis! Very fascinating

    1. HI Audrey. You have some great training under your belt. I hope you’ll consider joining me in the fall when I launch my live webinar-style classes.

  2. Hi there Judy, I am reading the news memo and it has no link to sign up for your webinar on teaching iridology. I really dont want to miss this teaching and can not wait! Thanks again.

    1. HI Allison – I’m not sure what you mean ‘news memo’. Do you mean the e-newsletter we sent out? There should be a ‘register now’ button that will take you to the registration page for the next free webinar.
      If you are referring to the upcoming course, we have not yet published the registration info. The course will be starting mid-September. In our experience it does no good to start advertising and taking registration until we get to about 4 weeks before the class starts. Please watch for the registration launch mid-August.
      I love your enthusiasm!
      Judith Cobb

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