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Nervous Tension Iridology Signs, Hazel Eyes

This article is posted to help in your study of nervous tension iridology signs in a biliary iris.

by Judith G. Cobb, MH, CI, NCP
nervous tension iridology

Sometimes a biliary iris can be mistaken for a brown iris. This is just such a case. Without good magnification and proper lighting one might not see the lighter colors (greens/golds) toward the outer edge. This set of irides is a particularly dark example of biliary. Without magnification or proper light they could easily be mistaken for hematogenic. Note, however, how the brown pigment fades to green close to the outer edge.

We’re showing three pictures here – two of the left iris and one of the right. You’ll notice one of the left iris images is quite a bit brighter. This was done in photoshop. By pumping up the fill flash on a dark image you can bring up details that might otherwise be missed. Do remember, photography is notoriously inaccurate for color reproduction. Add to that the facts that 1) computer screen displays can be adjusted for color, and 2) photo printers have their own take on what an image should look like. Best practice is to not rely on what you see on your screen or what you print up for absolute color interpretation.

Nervous Tension Iridology Signs

This set of irides shows a predisposition to specific stress traits. Specifically, the position of the collarette suggests someone who is very private with feelings and has the tendency to internalize stress and keep it to herself.  The contraction furrows also suggest the rapid burning of nerve-supporting nutrients. Both of these markers (collarette position and contraction furrow) can suggest some high-strung tendencies. When we put both together, it very strongly suggests a type A perfectionist who is goal-oriented and very driven.

Case Background

Gender: Female
Age: 11
Weight: 100 lbs

The family has a medical doctor, but consults her only as a last resort. They prefer the natural, holistic approach. As a result, there have been no formal diagnoses of any health problems.

Main concerns: pale, tired, achy joints (especially knees), heels hurt, recent weather-related headaches, frequent coughs (wonders if it is asthma), dance lessons 3 nights per week (competitive dancer)

Details: Was breastfed until 2 years of age
Currently has a heavy cough
Has problems shutting her brain off to fall asleep, wakes grouchy and takes a few hours to really get started in the
Has respiratory allergies to cats, dogs, horses, grass, dust, spring pollens
Has 1 bowel movement per day
Internalizes family stress
Chews on her hands when feeling stressed
Seems to have episodes of depression and seeks solitude to ‘work it out’

nervous tension iridology
nervous tension iridology
nervous tension iridology
left, added fill flash
Iris signQuestions to askDietary/lifestyle suggestions
Mixed genotype- ask about inflammation, digestion, does she burp or pass gas- eliminate inflammatory foods and beverages, especially milk
- support the liver with food choices
Contraction furrows - get more details about sleep - does she wake up during the night, how many hours of sleep does she get
- how nervous does she get before a dance competition or recital? How does it affect her?
- when she’s stressed during the day where does it show up in her body?
- how long has she been having depressive episodes?
- is she a perfectionist?
- what goals does she have for herself?
- get more rest
- make sure she gets enough protein to keep blood sugars balanced
- consider the importance of ‘wind down’ time before going to bed - shut off TV, computer screens, and phone screens
- suggest other ways of releasing stress
Slightly enlarged pupils- when does she feel best in the day?
- does she get a ‘second wind’?
- keep protein intake up
- get enough sleep
- have a ‘lazy day’ every few weeks to recharge
- restrict sugars, including fruit
Collarette placement- are there foods that cause obvious problems with gas or stomach upset?
- does eating too quickly cause tummy troubles?
- suggest chewing food thoroughly
- limit fluid intake with meals
Allergy net - clarify what she feels she’s allergic to- support liver and adrenals
- encourage blood sugar balance
Sandy appearance of pigment- when do her joints and muscles ache? Constantly? Intermittently? Only after a hard dance class? At night when she’s in bed?- support digestion
- build mineral intake - consider increasing leafy greens, bone broth

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