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Inflammation Iridology Signs, Blue Eyes

This article is posted to help in your study of inflammation iridology signs in a blue iris.

by Judith G. Cobb, MH, CI, NCP

Studying inflammation iridology signs

This teen’s eyes show he has been predisposed to inflammation since birth. Not only are there many markers in hisinflammation iridology irides, but he also has many markers in his sclera. Interestingly, the irides show genetic predisposition to inflammation while the sclera suggests lots of inflammation in his body right now.

Gender: male
Age: 15
Weight: 160 lbs

Main concerns: Craves carbs; stress leads to excessive carb cravings and over-indulging, which leads to aggressive behavior; has leg cramps and sore muscles; eats non-stop but not overweight; no consistent physical activity

Medical Diagnosis: none to date
Medical Prescriptions: none at present

inflammation iridology  inflammation iridology

Iris signQuestions to askDietary recommendations
Lymphatic genotype- ask about tendency to allergies, arthritis, asthma, kidney issues, skin issues - reduce acid forming foods in diet
- increase alkaline foods in diet
Over Acid- ask about tendency to allergies, arthritis, asthma, kidney issues, skin issues- reduce high acid forming proteins in diet
- increase alkaline foods in diet
Scurf Rim- ask about skin issues
- ask about kidney issues and knees
- dry skin brushing
- drink clean water, ½ oz per lb of body weight daily
Nutritive Zone- ask about digestion – gassiness, burping, belching, flatulence- sequence foods: eat carbs first, low-carb second, protein third
Contraction Furrows- ask about stress, ability to handle, emotional fragility- add hemp hearts, coconut oil
Transversals and rooftop transversals- ask about areas of recurring or chronic pain and inflammation- alkalize with foods
- use calcium-rich foods
Note the abundance of blood vessels in the scleraWhile we’re not delving into sclerology here, it is good to note the excessive amount and variety of textures/shapes of blood vessels in the sclera

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