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Bowel Health Iridology Signs, Blue Eyes

This article is posted to help in your study of bowel health iridology signs in a lymphatic iris.bowel health iridology signs

by Judith Cobb, MH, CI, NCP, NNCP, CCII

Scroll down for the video that assesses the irides for case #2.

Case Background

Gender: female
Age: 54
Weight: 180 lbs
Height: 5’9”

Dr. prescriptions: none
Dr. diagnosis: labrynthitis

Main concerns: year-long history of diarrhea; wakes up nauseated; 3 – 5 hot flashes per night for past 2 years; 6 migraines per year triggered by light and weather

Details: feels lethargic most of the time; does nothing for physical activity; bowels are either zero or diarrhea with 5 – 6 runny BMs per day; always has a stuffy nose; post-menopausal; had pneumonia, pleurisy, and a bad chesty flu all in one year

bowel health iridology signs
bowel health iridology signs
iris sign
question to askdietary/lifestyle suggestions
lymphatic- ask about history of arthritis, asthma, allergies, skin, kidney problems, inflammation- maintain high level of leafy greens
- eliminate coffee
stomach halo- ask about digestion - burping, belching, bloating, flatulence
- ask if food ‘sits heavy’ on her stomach
- cut out black tea, green tea, white tea
- add ginger powdered herb, dill, sage to foods
- drink water between meals, not with meals
- chew food well
- sequence foods - start with carbs, then low carbs, then protein
uric acid subtype- ask about inflammation - sore or stiff joints, sinus issues (stuffy sinuses), skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis- cut out milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese
- cut out white flour, refined sugar
- keep red meat down to 2 small servings per week
many closed lacuna attached to collarette- ask about carbohydrate or sugar cravings
- ask about energy and stamina
- 5-6 small servings of protein spread over the day
- cut out all refined carbs
- get 8 hours of sleep, minimum, per night
hydrogenoid subtype/tophi - ask about history of swollen glands
- ask about immune strength
- daily whole body physical activity
- cut out milk, cheese, yogurt, cottage cheese
- cut out white flour, refined sugar
- keep red meat down to 2 small servings per week
corneal arcus- does she have ‘foggy headed’ days?- incorporate healthy fat foods into diet - salmon, hemp hearts, walnuts
- daily physical activity
open and closed lacuna at 15’ Left eye, 45’ Right eye- ask about lung health over her entire life (e.g. asthma, recurring lung infections)
- ask about grief/loss issues
- add broccoli, cauliflower to diet
inside edge of collarette- ask about bowel health, bowel habits over her entire life- add yellow and orange squash

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