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Abnormal PAP Iridology Signs, Brown Eyes

This article is posted to help in your study of abnormal PAP iridology signs in a brown iris.heart

by Judith Cobb, MH, CI, NCP, NNCP, CCII

Studying abnormal PAP iridology signs

Iris diagnosis: I’m often asked to do iris diagnosis to see if my client has a specific problem. Since iridology does not give us the names of diseases – it only shows us where the body has genetically-determined weak links – there is no way to diagnose anything through the irides. It is common, however, to see changes in color or texture, or an obvious difference in an iris that confirms a weakness in an area in which the client has symptoms. In truth, we don’t need a diagnosis (disease name) in order to nourish a weak body part or re-balance chemistry in an area.

In short – if a health condition is based in emotion or trauma, there may not be markers in the irides to warn us. If, however, the health condition is based in a genetic glitch, we will likely see a or some markers in the irides that point us in the right direction.

Notice how adding fill flash in the photo editing program changes the appearance.
Notice the light reflections and the edge of the contact lens.

Case Background


Gender: female
Age: 26
Weight: 114 lbs

Dr. diagnosis: history of mildly abnormal PAP smears, currently pre-cancerous

Main concerns: abnormal pap smears

Details: 1 BM per day, more if stressed; sleeps poorly with frequent waking; works out at varying intensities a few times per week; used birth control pill ages 15-24

Note: there are no unusual markings in the cervix area of the iris. Certain types of markings can suggest a higher risk of cancer. When no such markings are present, consider emotional roots and/or dietary imbalances and/or excess toxicity as the root cause of abnormal cells.

abnormal PAP iridology
Left eye, no extra fill flash
abnormal PAP iridology
Right eye, with fill flash
iris signquestions to askdietary/lifestyle suggestions
hematogenic- ask about liver symptoms
- ask about anger issues
- ask about problems with blood
- include lots of leafy greens in diet
Polyglandular - multiple closed lacuna attached to outside of collarette

In a polyglandular iris, each lacuna is not important. Lacunae become important if there are matching lacunae when comparing left iris to right iris, if there are other indicators pointing to the same problem, or if an individual lacuna is very dark.
- ask about energy levels; is energy consistent or uneven throughout the day
- ask about sleep patterns
- ask about carb/sugar cravings
- ask about creative expression - does she do things that are creative
- eat protein every 2-3 hours
- encourage creativity
- encourage early bedtime with small protein and complex carb before bed
Anxiety tetanic - contraction furrows- ask about resiliency under pressure
- ask about sleep patterns
- ask about mood in general; does she feel stressed when none exists, does she generally feel happy, just so-so, or blue
- add hemp hearts
- 5-6 small servings of protein from a variety of sources each day
- walk in the sunshine at noon
- get 30 minutes of physical activity every day
Right eye - honeycomb lacuna 30’-32’ - kidney zone
Also Left eye - large closed lacuna 27’-30’ - kidney zone
- ask about kidney health, frequency of urination, timing
- ask about history of kidney infections
- reduce red meat
- avoid processed foods
- add celery and parsley
Many lacuna inside collarette- ask about bowel health, bowel habits over entire life- add yellow and orange squash
- add organic non-gmo cornmeal
- ensure enough daily intake of fiber and water
Right eye - cluster of closed lacunae 43’-47’- ask about energy, body temp, weight gain or loss, thyroid history- ensure protein and iodine intake

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