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Abdominal Pain Iridology Signs, Blue Eyes

This article is posted to help in your study of abdominal pain iridology signs in a blue iris.

by Judith G Cobb, MH, CI, NCP

abdominal pain iridology

Studying abdominal pain iridology signs

Every iris is different. A left and right iris from the same person may have many similarities, as do the two we are studying in this instance. Some of the markers we are going to look at will be a little less distinguishable without high-powered magnification, or a 4”x6” print at the very least. I’ll describe what the markers would look like if viewed with a 5x magnifying glass as we go along.

Abdominal Pain Iridology Signs

Focus your attention on the collarette (for Jensenian iridologists, the autonomic nervous wreath). This thread-like ring that completely surrounds the pupil speaks volumes about the integrity of the intestines. Note how bright and distinct it is. The brightness of it can indicate a tendency to irritation and inflammation.

Under magnification, some parts of the collarette appear doubled. Doubled equals a strong predisposition to pain and often gets a diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Chrons’, or Celiac.

As always, getting nitty-gritty details about eating habits, fluid intake, stress, rest, relaxation, recreation, supplements, and medications is vitally necessary.

Case Background

Gender: Female
Age: 28
Weight: 154 lbs
Main concerns: acid indigestion with reflux, chronic stomach pain which can be worse with food, recently has become allergic to jewellery that she has worn for many years, frequently gets hives and doesn’t know what triggers them, has fungus on her foot.

Details: Past week as been very nauseated and exhausted
Having panic attacks lately
Very high stress
Motor vehicle accident few years ago resulted in whiplash that has left her with migraines and locking jaws

Rx: Prevacid
Birth control pill past 8 years

Abdominal Pain Iridology                Abdominal Pain Iridology

Iris signQuestions to askDietary/lifestyle suggestions
Lymphatic genotype- ask about inflammation- eliminate inflammatory foods and beverages, especially coffee and sugar
Nutritive Zone- ask about digestion: is she gassy, burpy, flatulent?
- has she noticed if some foods cause more problems than others?
- does food ever ‘sit heavy’ in her stomach? Which foods?
- what is the stomach pain like? Constant and dull, sharp, like daggers, cramping? What relieves the pain?
- ask about bowel movements: frequency, texture, urgency
- sequence foods in meals - eat carbs first, salad (low carb vegs) next, finish with protein
- add savory herbs to foods to aid digestion
Collarette- ask about gut pain triggers
- any history of diarrhea? Constipation? Blood or mucous in stool?
- does eating too quickly cause tummy troubles?
- sequence foods in meals - eat carbs first, salad (low carb vegs) next, finish with protein
- take time to chew food well
- limit fluid intake with meals
Lymphatic Tophi- ask about immune response, lymph node swelling- encourage daily physical activity

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