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11 common symptoms that say your liver is not happy

liverThese symptoms may suggest that your liver is out of balance or needs some support.

by Judith G Cobb, MH, CI, NCP

When I took my first anatomy class in university in the late ‘70s I was taught that the liver did 50 jobs. That was huge! Compared to how many jobs your heart or pancreas does, I figured the liver was pretty busy. Now we know the liver does over 500 jobs. The liver’s primary classification is as an auxiliary digestive organ (D), but it also has critical jobs in synthesizing proteins (P) and detoxifying chemicals in the body (N), including chemicals your body has made. It also has important immune functions (I) and nutrient storage (S) functions.

Each of the following 11 symptoms may suggest that your liver is out of balance or needs some support. These symptoms may also point to other issues which should also be properly investigated.

  1. Low energy – muscles fatigue easily due to poor glycogen storage (D)1
  2. Nausea – after you’ve consumed fatty foods (D)2
  3. Pale-colored bowel movements – issues with bile production (D)3
  4. Anemia – low hemoglobin and iron in spite of adequate iron intake (P, D)4
  5. Unhealthy changes in HDL, LDL and Triglycerides – HDL and LDL are proteins that carry cholesterol to and from cells; triglycerides are one way of storing calories for future use (P)5
  6. Poor immune defense – frequently ill, ‘catch’ everything that ‘blows past’ (I)6
  7. PMS – breast tenderness, fluid retention, moods for one to seven days before your period starts (N)7
  8. Acne – whiteheads, blackheads, and pus-filled cysts under the skin (N)8
  9. Yellowish skin or whites of eye – known as jaundice, a sure sign your liver isn’t up to par (N)9
  10. Metallic or bitter taste in mouth when eating – most food tastes off (N)10
  11. Itchy skin – usually happens when a person is severely jaundiced and has liver disease (N)11

Because the liver has so many different functions; because many of those functions were only recently discovered; and because there are so many herbs in the world, we don’t have definitive lists of this herb will help your liver produce glycogen or help you body store glycogen more efficiently. We don’t have specific herbs that have been proven to build the immune response via the liver or remove the cause of the metallic taste. Instead, we work with more broad understandings and a lot of empirical and historical evidence.

Herbs that have been used to support the liver in its many functions are often in the ‘bitter’ category. They truly do taste bitter.

What can you do if you have a liver symptom? Are there iridology markers that can corroborate your symptoms? What dietary changes can you make to support your liver? Which herbal remedies might be of benefit?

Watch my liver health video here:

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