Why Study with Judith Cobb

When you search online you find lots of iridology courses. Some are offered by big holistic health schools. Some are offered by small schools. Some are offered by private individuals. Why would you even consider studying iridology with Judith Cobb? (For more details please click here.)

  1. I’ve been a holistic practitioner since 1982 – lots of years of experience, made lots of mistakes in business, know how to guide you through adding iridology to enhance your business and help you free up personal time
  2. I am a Certified Iridologist (IANHS, IIPA) and an IIPA Certified Instructor – I love teaching and have been told I have a great way of taking the complex and making it simple
  3. I have studied under 6 different iridology teachers and continue to study – there’s always something new to learn
  4. I am a Master Herbalist I am a Nutritional Consultant Practitioner (IONC) and a Natural Nutrition Consulting Practitioner (CANNP) – I can help you connect nutrition and supplements to iridology for a well-balanced approach
  5. I teach iridology, herbology, and nutrition as an integrated course. Other schools appear to teach each subject as a stand alone course, leaving you to figure out how to put it together.
  6. I believe in small class sizes. I want to know, personally, that you have learned what I taught.
  7. I’ve been teaching holistic health workshops since 1986 and have been told by many that I have the gift of teaching. People love my classes.